About Yang

Yang He, a photographer from Bai ethnic group, captures culture, emotions, and light. She started as a freelance photographer in high school, currently documents Melbourne’s colourful scenes.

Yang He, a freelance photographer from Yunnan's Bai ethnic group, began her journey as a photographer in high school. Her works intertwine cultural narratives with light and emotions by capturing delicate emotional textures in urban life. She is now based in Melbourne, exploring broader landscapes through lens.

Yang He's photography is not just a simple visual record, but also explores the complex interactions between light, emotion, and cultural expression. Starting from high school, she has been a freelance photographer. Her works cover a wide range, including portraits, humanities, and still life. Besides, her unique style reflects her Bai ethnic cultural heritage and keen empathy. Yang graduated from Yunnan University and interned at several media outlets, including The Paper. Currently residing in Melbourne, she uses her lens to explore and document urban life, focusing on stories hidden in everyday life. In addition to photography, Yang is a passionate hip-hop culture enthusiast, which keeps her connected to her creativity and spiritual roots.

"Yang He's keen eye for detail and ability to capture the essence of every moment is truly remarkable. Her photographs tell compelling stories and evoke deep emotions. Working with her was an absolute pleasure, and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking high-quality, professional photography."

-Han Zhang, Jixia Weiying Culture Development Co., Ltd

"I had my first individual photo shoot with Yang at the recommendation of a friend. She is very good at capturing my emotions and guiding me to relax while skillfully recording those natural moments. I was terrified of the camera before, but thanks to her, I have become more confident."

-Lin Yang, Personal Client